Astro is missing!

Astro is missing! Where’s Astro?

My daughter just loves Astro! (don’t we all?) They are practically inseperable: Astro is there when she’s doing a puzzle, riding her bike and even when she sleeps!




And while Big Astro keeps the monsters away, little Astro lies in her bed for a good night sleep.


Big Astro keeps the monsters away
Big Astro keeps the monsters away


It’s not hard to imagine that she was inconsolable when she found that Astro is missing!




Since there are a lot of clues about the whereabouts of Astro in this special Trailhead module, she went online to start the search for Astro. The first thing she noticed is this little note:


Where's Astro discovery note


Oh, oh! Looks like Astro is in big trouble! As it turns out, there are several suspects that might know Astro’s whereabouts. After watching the interrogation video’s in the Trailhead challenge she discovered some clues online. Together, we setup Salesforce using Accounts and Contacts to track the suspects. The first challenge is in the pocket, on to the next challenge! We really need to find Astro!

After watching the interrogation of other suspects, she unlocked some more clues. With my help, we added a geolocation field to the Contacts object to keep track of Astro’s sightings. Also, we entered the geolocation data we got from the suspect interrogations. By doing so, we completed the second challenge in the search for Astro.

We learned from the geolocation data that Astro has last been seen in the woods! So, we headed out into the woods to find Astro.

Looking for Astro in the woods

But it didn’t matter where we looked, we could not find Astro. We did get some clues from a few forrest creatures, so we went back online together and updated Salesforce with the latest Astro sightings and suspect information. This completed the third Trailhead challenge. Only one challenge remaining and still no sign of Astro. Will she be able to bring Astro back home?

At this point, my daughter was really getting desperate. How will she be able to sleep tonight without Astro?

In the final challenge she got some help from Jeff Douglas, who showed her how to plot the geolocation data to a map. From that we learned about Asto’s locations. As it turns out, we were very close when we were searching for Astro in the woods! But being close doesn’t bring Astro home. We need to find Astro!! And just when we were about to give up, we got one final clue from Cloudy the goat tthat helped us crack the code!

Thanks Cloudy! Thanks to your final clue we were able to bring Astro home. Needless to say: My daughter is very, very happy! And so am I.

Astro found!


We have found Astro, will you find Astro too?