Trailhead update part 3: Service Cloud

Welcome to the third and final part of the blog series for the August 2016 Trailhead update. In this blog I will highlight the new modules for the Service Cloud trail “Keep Customers Happy with Service Cloud“. The new content is all about Call Center integration and Knowledge.

There are three new modules available in this Trail, and one more module coming soon:

  • Call Center Integration
  • Knowledge Basics
  • Knowledge Search Basics
  • Live Agent Basics (coming soon, not covered in this blog)


Call Center IntegrationCall Center Integration

Take customer calls by integrating your phone channel and support console.

Besides web, email and social channels, phone is one of the ways your customers can connect to you (and you to your customers). Salesforce Call Center integrates phone calls through Salesforce. In the first unit you will learn how to get started with Call Center (it’s as easy as 1-2-3). Also, the differences between Call Center, Open CTI and softphone are explained as well as how they work together.

In the second unit, you will define your Call Center. You will be introduced to the Call Center Definition file: What is it? What’s in it? Why do you need it? You will learn the role of Visualforce within the context of Call Center and (of course) you will add a Call Center to your org!

In the final unit, you will add users to your Call Center, so you can start using it. Also, you will learn how to locate the softphone in Salesforce and in a Service Console.


Knowlegde BasicsKnowledge Basics

Help employees and customers find answers fast with an online, searchable knowledge base

A knowledge base gives your customers and employees a place to find information on your products or services. In this first unit you will be introduced to Salesforce Knowledge, the knowledge base from Salesforce. You will learn why having a knowledge base is important and you will identity the benefits of Salesforce Knowledge.

In the second unit, you will plan your knowledge base. The unit describes what you should consider when implementing Knowledge. Think about the kind of information your knowledge base should contain, how you organize your information and who needs to do what with your knowledge base.

Now that you have an idea of what your knowledge base looks like, you can start to enable Salesforce Knowledge in your org. This unit provides a step-by-step guide on how to do that. Also you will learn how to determine the user licences needed for Salesforce Knowledge. At the end of the unit you will enable Salesforce Knowledge in your developer org.

The final unit focusses on building your knowledge base. You will learn how to create, publish and edit knowledge articles and how to add the Knowledge tabs to your Call Center App. At the end of the unit you will create and publish your first knowledge article.


Knowledge Search BasicsKnowledge Search Basics

Learn how search works in Salesforce Knowledge and customize search in your org for better results

Once you have your knowledge base all setup, you want your users to find the right information fast. In the first unit, you will learn the basics of Knowledge Search. You will find out how the search results are ordered and how Search applies advanced features to Knowledge to widen the net of results.

In the second unit, you will learn to choose the best Search option: Snippets, Highlighting and Auto-Complete. Also you will learn the two flavors of auto-complete in Knowledge searches (article or question titles and keyword searches) and how to enable these Search options in your org.

The third unit takes it one step further: you will learn to customize Search for your specific needs. Promoted Search Terms, Synonym Groups and related Articles are the tools for you to optimize your Knowledge Search. What they are and how to configure them is explained in this unit.

The final unit is about finetuning your Search setup. You will learn to create a Knowledge Search Activity report, and how to interpret the report results. Based on the report you will learn to finetune your Synonym Groups and Promoted Search Terms and to improve the Articles in your knowledge base.


I hope you have fun with the new modules for Service Cloud. Should you run in to any issues or if you have any questions about the new modules, you can contact me via the social icons on top of the site. I will be happy to help you!

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