Trailhead Trail Dreamforce 2016

Trailhead update: Dreamforce 2016

The August update for Trailhead is here! New trails to blaze, modules to complete, a brand new Project to build and of course badges to earn. In this blog I will highlight the new Trail for Dreamforce 2016. In upcoming blog posts, I will cover the rest of the new content on Trailhead.

Get ready for Dreamforce!


This trail is your preparation guide for Dreamforce 2016. It contains 3 modules:

Trailhead module Dreamforce '16 Ready

Dreamforce ’16 Ready

Learn why Dreamforce is the must-attend event of the year and develop your game plan.

The first unit in this module will teach you the basics about Dreamforce: What is Dreamforce, when and where is Dreamforce and how can you get the most out of your Dreamforce experience. Also, this module will show you how to register for the conference. You’ll also find information about the web series “The Road to Dreamforce”. I personally recommend this web series, it’s a great way to get into the Dreamforce mood! You can even join the conversation, since it’s live!

The second unit focusses on your Dreamforce strategy. Speaking from experience, Dreamforce can be a bit overwhelming if you are a first-time visitor. Use the tips from this unit to carefully plan your own personal Dreamforce experience. Last year, I regularly felt like this:

Missed the moment

You will learn about the Agenda Builder, which is a great tool to keep focus on the things you want to do, see and experience. I also recommended this tool for an unforgettable trip to Dreamforce!

The final unit in this module focusses on how to get the most out of Dreamforce. Tips on how to prepare for solo and group attendees, what to pack (and not to pack!), and how to use the Dreamforce mobile app. Next to that, you’ll get tips on how to stay healthy during your trip and how you can use the Success Community to prepare for your trip.

Once you’ve finished this module, you will be prepared to start preparing for Dreamforce!


Dreamforce & Beyond

Dreamforce & Beyond
Make the most of your time at Dreamforce and keep learning after the event.

Dreamforce is big, and I mean big! Be prepared to cover great distances during your stay. But don’t worry, in the first unit of this module you will learn all about the Dreamforce campus. You will learn where sessions, expo, keynotes and other events are located and how to find your way around the Dreamforce campus. And last but definitely not least: you will learn about Dreamfest! This year U2 will take the stage, so don’t miss out on this super event!

In the second unit you will get tips on how to “Make the most of your time at Dreamforce”. In the first module, this topic has already scratched the surface, now we’re going deeper into networking at Dreamforce, understanding the benefits of different types of Dreamforce events and how to give back at Dreamforce. And, again, you’ll learn about how to stay healthy (important!). This unit ends with tips on how to prepare for after Dreamforce.

In the final unit you will get tips on how to keep the Dreamforce spirit alive once Dreamforce has ended. Think about sharing what you’ve learned at Dreamforce, how you can keep the learning going and how to stay connected after Dreamforce. From my own experience I can tell you that even though Dreamforce is only 4 days, you will probably live and breathe the Dreamforce spirit for months after it has ended.


Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Skills

Create persuasive content, build your audience, and present like a pro.

This module will boost your public speaking skills! Everything you need to know to prepare for that awesome session is covered in this module. First you will learn how to choose the right event and topic for your session, how to create a compelling session title and abstract and how to set your learning objectives.

The second unit is all about your session content. You will learn how to outline your session, tell your story and create that awesome slide deck (and no, a great session is not all about your slides!). Also you will get tips on how to leave your attendees with more than just memories.

The module continues with a unit on building a persuasive demo. Nobody likes to look at slides for the entire session, so make sure you demonstrate your knowledge. This module will give you tips on how to prepare your technology, how to use storytelling and how to create an effective demo. Your session will become a lot more interesting!

The next topic is all about how to engage your audience and promote your session. You can prepare your best session ever, but if nobody knows that the session exist you will face an empty room. This module will provide you with tips on how to promote your session to prevent that empty room. A great way to get people to attend your session is to have them provide input on what they want to learn about. How to do this, is covered in this unit.

Finally you will get tips on how to present like a professional. You will learn how to prepare yourself for your onstage performance, how to speak, what to do and what not to do on stage. For me personally it was an eyeopener that even the most seasoned speakers face the same pre-show nerves as I have (multiple times). How you handle these nerves is what makes the difference. Tips on how to do that will be given to you in this module.


I hope you have fun reading about and preparing for Dreamforce! Maybe we will run into each other at this awesome conference, and if not: Enjoy your personal Dreamforce experience! You should be prepared after this Trail…


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