Why I started my Trailhead journey all over from scratch

A few weeks ago I posted on twitter that I am starting my Trailhead journey all over again from scratch. I currently am the proud owner of 285 badges and so far I finished 34 trails. So, why do I do this? Well, for several reasons:

1: Refresh my memory

Every once in a while I like to revisit the basics of Salesforce to refresh my memory. As my Salesforce career continues, I like to do and learn new things. The downside there (for me) is that topics or functionalities that I haven’t used for some time are no longer top of mind. 

2: The “new to Salesforce” experience

The Salesforce Ohana grows every day with new Trailblazers. In my daily work and as a Salesforce Developer Group leader I come in contact with people new (or relatively new) to Salesforce on a regular basis. My advice to them is always the same: Trailhead! But since I have been a fan of Trailhead since day 1, I have seen the platform grow and mature over time. By starting from scratch I can literally experience the same journey as someone new to Salesforce.

3: Trail Tracker

At work we will install Trail Tracker soon to track the progress of our employees and our company wide earned badges. And that’s when the internal competition will really start. Since I already am on my journey for 5+ years, I feel it would be unfair to start at the top of the competition. 

4: Fun!

And yes, I also do it for the fun. 🙂 wish me luck! 

I will post updates to my #NewTrailheadJourney so be sure to check back regularly.