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Salesforce Trailhead: the fun and exiting way to learn about Salesforce

trailheadlearning_2Trailhead is a new way of learning about Salesforce. You don’t have to attend courses or read hundreds of pages of documentation. Trailhead uses gamification to encourage anyone to learn about Salesforce. And it works too, it’s fun to do! In each of the modules you will learn something new about Salesforce. For every completed module you will get a badge. Once you have collected a few badges, you will probably find yourself wanting them all. Well, that’s what happened to me.

You can choose either your own learning path (trail) or study specific features by choosing one of the available modules. You can work through them in your own pace, there’s no time limit.

There are currently 5 different learning paths:

  • Admin trail – Beginner
  • Admin trail – Intermediate
  • Developer trail – Beginner
  • Developer trail – Intermediate
  • Developer trail – Mobile SDK


Admin trail – Beginner


If you are new to Salesforce this trail should be your starting point. In this trail, you will learn the basics about Salesforce. The trail starts with the “Salesforce Platform basics” module. In the following modules you will learn about Data Modeling, Data Management, UI Customizations and the basics of the Salesforce1 mobile app and Chatter. Also, you will learn about Reports & Dashboards.

Admin trail – Intermediate

admin_intermediate_trailThis trail will bring your admin skills to a new level. This trail covers Formulas and Validations, Change Management, Data security and Process Automation. My personal favorite is the Lightning App Builder module. You will learn how to create your own app for Salesforce1 using a drag and drop interface.

Developer trail – Beginner

developer_beginner_trailThis trail is for developers who are new to developing on the Salesforce1 platform. It covers most of the modules from the Admin trails, but if you already have finished the Admin trails you don’t have to do them again. You will also learn about Apex and Database, Apex Testing and the basics of Visualforce.

Developer trail – Intermediate

Developer Trail - IntermediateThis trail dives deeper into Salesforce development. You will learn the basics of Salesforce Lightning with the modules Lightning Connect and Lightning Components. The Visualforce Mobile module focusses on how to develop Visualforce pages designed for the Salesforce1 app. Also there’s a module about Application Lifecycle Management.

Developer trail – Mobile SDK

Developer Trail - Mobile SDKThis brand new trail focusses on the Mobile SDK. You will learn the basics of mobile and the differences between the three different types of apps: Html5, hybrid and native. There are two modules for native app development, one for Android and one for iOS. Also you will learn how to manage offline access for Android and iOs apps.


So wether you’re new to Salesforce or an experienced admin or developer, there’s always a trail or module that you will find interesting. Trailhead modules are updated frequently, but also new modules are being added on a regular basis. At this moment, the following new modules are planned for the Developer Intermediate trail: Asynchronous Apex, Apex Integration Services and Visualforce & JavaScript. Every now and then Salesforce introduces fun, “limited edition”-modules like the Catter module. They are only available during a certain period, so check regularly for updates.

In the upcoming months I plan to post a Trailhead blogseries in which I will cover all available modules. In the meantime, enjoy Trailhead and have fun collecting those badges!

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