New Trailhead content: Lightning Experience

Trailhead update

The Trailhead team from Salesforce has been very busy over the last months. Trailhead is again updated with new modules and trails. This time the new Lightning Experience has been added. Also, this is the first time that content is added for end users. To quote Salesforce:

It’s not just for developers and admins anymore.

In this blog post I will give an overview of these new modules and trails. Since there are currently trails and modules for 3 different roles, let’s take a look at this update role by role.


There are 2 new Trails for admins. Brand new admins should start with the ‘Starting with Lightning Experience’ trail, followed by the ‘Migrating to Lightning Experience’ trail which is intended for existing admins.


Admin Trail – Starting with Lightning Experience

Starting with Lightning Experience

This trail covers 5 modules in which brand new admins will learn the basics of Salesforce and the new Lightning Experience UI.

Module – Salesforce Basics

This module will introduce you to Salesforce and Lightning. You’ll learn how to get started and how to navigate through setup in 2 challenges.

Module – User Management

This module contains 2 challenges in which you will learn how to setup a new users and how to control how they can view or edit business data.

Module – App customization

Now that you’ve got the basics of Salesforce and the Lightning Experience, it’s time to learn how to customize your app’s user interface without writing any code. In 5 challenges, you will learn how to modify page layouts, how to customize Compact layouts and Actions and how to create new objects and fields.

Module – Lightning reports and Dashboards

In this module, you will learn all about reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience. After the initial ‘Getting started’ challenge, you will learn how to use the Report builder and report formats and how to visualize your data with the new Lightning Dashboard builder. This module ends with you learning how to extend your reports with 3rd party components from the AppExchange.

Module – Lightning Experience rollout

In three challenges, you will learn how to develop a rollout strategy for the new Lightning Experience. This includes educating yourself and your company on Lightning Experience, developing the rollout strategy and the rollout itself.


Admin Trail – Migrating to Lightning Experience

Migrating to Lightning

This trail is intended for existing admins and covers 4 modules that focus on migrating to the new Lightning Experience UI.

Module – Lightning Experience Basics

In three challenges, you will learn the basics of the Lightning Experience. You will learn how to get started with Lightning Experience and how to decide if Lightning Experience is right for you. Also, you will learn how to enable the Lightning Experience in your existing Salesforce org.

Module – Lightning Experience Features

Lightning Experience does not only come with a new UI for Salesforce. There are many new features introduced of which you will learn in this module. You will navigate the Lightning Experience and setup, explore new Sales tools and other enhancements. Once you’ve explored the Lightning Reports and Dashboards you will earn your badge for this module.

Module – App Customization Lite

Compared to the Classic UI, things work a little different in Lightning Experience. In this module you will zoom in on customizing your apps in Lightning Experience. Since Actions work a little different, there is a special challenge just for that.

Module – Lightning Experience Rollout

This is actually the same module as described above in the ‘Starting with Lightning Experience’ trail. So if you already completed that trail, you’ve already earned this badge! In that case, congratulations!



For developers there is one new trail. It covers all you need to know to get started with Lightning Experience and build your apps and components with a Lightning look and feel.

Developer Trail – Lightning Experience

Developer Trail - Lightning Experience

This trail covers 5 modules in which you will learn all about developing for the new Lightning Experience.

Module – Lightning Experience Basics

This module is also part of the Admin Trail – Migrating to Lightning Experience. So if you’ve done the admin trails first, you should already have this badge.

Module – Lightning Experience Development

In this module you will learn how Lightning Experience impacts Apex, Visualforce, APIs, and more. There are 5 challenges available to you. User Interface Considerations for example. The entire UI has changed, so you will want to know about that. Also, you will want to know about using Visualforce and Lightning Components in Lightning Experience. These 2 challenges are kind of an introduction. The next two modules are dedicated to those topics. In the remaining challenges of this module you will learn about the ISV point of view (packaging your app or component and put it on the AppExchange) and about the changes to other development tools.

Module – Visualforce and Lightning Experience

This module contains 7 challenges in which you will learn how to use Visualforce to customize your Lightning Experience. You will explore the Visualforce App Container and share Visualforce pages between the Classic and Lightning Experience. One you’ve finished this module, you will understand important Visual Design Considerations and you will know what features to avoid in Lightning Experience.

Module – Lightning Components

In this module you will learn all about Lightning Components. The module starts with how to create Lightning Components, followed by defining Component Attributes and using Expressions. You will learn the difference between Standard and components and of course there are challenges for using Apex and Javascript controllers. After Event Handling, the final challenge is about Debugging your components.

Module – Lightning Design System

The Lightning Design System is an open-source CSS framework that enables you to style your apps and components with a look and feel that is consistent with Salesforce core features. You get access to everything. This module will show you how the Design System works and how to use it.



Finally, there’s Trailhead content for end-users! Welcome end-users! There is currently 1 trail available for Sales reps:

Sales Rep Trail – Using Lightning Experience

This trail is meant for Sales reps that want to learn how to use Salesforce.
Sales rep trail - Using Lightning Experience

Module – Salesforce User Basics

In the module Salesforce User Basics you will learn to use Salesforce with Lightning Experience. First there is a nice Welcome to Salesforce challenge to make you feel right at home. In the next challenges, you will learn how to get started with Salesforce and how you can work with your System Admin.

Module – Salesforce User Tour

This module will teach you how to find and use the Salesforce Home page and how to work your Leads and Opportunities. In the third challenge you will check out Reports & Dashboards, Feeds and more!


As always, have fun completing those trails and collecting the new badges! Should you run in to any issues or if you have any questions about the new modules, you can contact me via the social icons on top of the site. I will be happy to help you!

All images are taken from Salesforce website.