New Trailhead content: 4 Modules and 1 Project

As of today, there is new Trailhead content available. So for those of you that already finished all the Trails, Modules and Projects: You have something to do during the holidays. 🙂 In this blog I will outline all new content.

Developer Intermediate Trail


trailhead_module_apex_integrationApex Integration Services Module

This module focusses on integration with external apps and systems using SOAP and REST callouts. You will learn the difference between web service and HTTP callouts, how to authorize an external site with remote site settings and performing callouts to retrieve data from and send data to external services using SOAP, REST and web services.


Get Started with Lightning Experience Trail


trailhead_module_lightning_data_managementLightning Data Management Module

In this module, you will focus on how to import and export data in the new Lightning Experience. In the “Importing Data” challenge you will learn about the Data Import Wizard and the Data Loader. The “Exporting Data” challenge will teach you how to use the Data Export Wizard and how to schedule automatic data exports.


trailhead_module_lightning_chatterLightning Chatter Basics Module

This module is all about Chatter in Lightning Experience. You will learn to follow users, groups, and records and enable and configure email notifications. Also, there is a challenge where you will learn how to develop your rollout strategy. This module is a must read for all developers, admins and end-users!

Admin Advanced Trail


trailhead_modules_advanced_formulasAdvanced Formulas Module

This module will take your admin skills regarding formulas to the next level. The module starts with using basic logic in checkbox formulas, but very soon you will learn about using Numbers, Currency, Percentages and Picklists in formulas. Also you will learn about text formulas and date(/time) formulas. Finally you will learn how to troubleshoot formula errors.



trailhead_project_battle_stationBuild a Battle Station App

Lauren Grau already wrote an excellent blog about this exciting new Project. Check it out at


This is a temporary available project, so be sure to get that badge before the deadline!


Modules that are coming soon

There are 2 new modules in the Developer Intermediate Trail that will become available soon:
  • Asynchronous Apex Module
  • VisualForce & JavaScript Module
As soon as they are available I will discuss them in a separate blog.


As always, have fun completing those trails/modules/projects and collecting the new badges! Should you run in to any issues or if you have any questions about the new modules, you can contact me via the social icons on top of the site. I will be happy to help you!