Navigating the Salesforce Advantage – a brand new Trailhead Trail

What is the Salesforce Advantage?

And again a new Trail is introduced to Salesforce’s Trailhead. It’s called “Navigating the Salesforce Advantage”. This Trail does not focus on Salesforce functionalities from the perspective of a user role (admin/developer/end-user/manager), but this Trail is all about the company Salesforce and the benefits of cloud computing. Therefore, this Trail is interesting for those of you that are completely new to Salesforce or just want to know more about the company, it’s mission, the product family and the surrounding ecosystem: the advantages of using Salesforce.

The Trail consists of 4 modules (and thus 4 badges for you to earn). Let’s go over them in detail.

Salesforce Advantage - Success ModelSalesforce Success Model

In 2 challenges, you will get to know the company Salesforce and their 4 core differentiators (Customer Success, Leadership, Innovation, Giving Back: the 1-1-1 model). It will give you insights in the kind of company that Salesforce is and why they do what they do.

Salesforce Advantage - Cloud BenefitsSalesforce Cloud Benefits

The 2 challenges in this module will give you insights in the basics of cloud computing and how you can benefit from the cloud as opposed to on-premise. Also, you wil learn about Salesforce’s complete CRM solution and how it evolves with your business needs.

Salesforce Advantage - Technology BasicsSalesforce Technology Basics

This module will teach you the basics of the core technology model of Salesforce. In the first challenge, you wil learn all about the investments made by Salesforce to deliver the world’s most trusted cloud and why trust is so important to Salesforce. The benefits of the multitenancy architecture (everyone under one roof) and the use of metadata (data about data) are explained in the next 2 challenges. This module ends with a challenge in which it all comes together: fast app development and customization.

Salesforce Advantage - EcosystemSalesforce Ecosystem

In this final module, you will learn about the advantages of the Salesforce ecosystem. The ever-growing community is there to help you in case you need it. Not only will you learn how to get the most out of the community, but also how you can contribute to that community yourself.


Personally I think this Trail is a must for everyone that is (in some way) working with Salesforce’s products. For me it was good to go back to the basics and refresh that knowlegde. I refer people to this Trail if they have questions about what I do in my daily job. It really helps to explain Salesforce to someone that has never heard of the company (yes, those people are still out there. My grandparents for example).