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MEGA Trailhead update

In my previous blog post I mentioned that Trailhead will receive regular updates to modules and that new modules will be added in the future. Well, the future is today!
(actually a few weeks ago, on the 29th of July to be exact)

Trailhead is updated with 7 new modules, and now contains a total of 7 trails, 30 modules and 6 projects. Please read this blog to find out the details about this MEGA Trailhead update.


New Event Monitoring module


The Event Monitoring module is part of both the Developer Trail – Intermediate and the Admin Trail – intermediate. This module consists of 3 challenges:

  1. Get Started with Event Monitoring
  2. Query Event log files
  3. Download and visualize Event log files

In this module you will learn about what Event Monitoring is and which event types that are supported by Event Monitoring. Also, the API-first approach and the different types of use cases for which Event Monitoring can be useful are discussed. You will learn about Event Log files and how to define and query them. Find out about several ways to download the Event Log files, depending on your specific requirements. Finallly, the module ends with an overview of available tools to visualize your downloaded Event Log files.


Brand new Trail: Dreamforce 2015


This trail is a must for everyone attending Dreamforce this year. It’s full of tips and tricks about maximizing the Dreamforce experience: from travel tips to creating your perfect Dreamforce experience using the Agenda Builder. Also, you will find information about the Admin Zone and the Dev Zone in this trail.

This really is a feel-good trail that will get you even more exited about going to Dreamforce! Plus, upon completion you will receive the limited edition #DF15Ready badge!


Brand new Trail: CRM


This brand new Trail covers the foundation of Salesforce: CRM. Up and till now, Trailhead has focussed mainly on admins and developers. This trail is radically different, since it focusses more on the CRM users.
In the three available modules, you will learn the basics of and the use cases for Salesforce CRM and how you can setup Salesforce to personalize your experience. Also, you will learn how Accounts and Contacts work together and how you can power your sales processes with Leads and Opportunities.

This trail is a must for everyone that wants to understand the basics about Salesforce CRM and how it helps you improve your profitability.


Add all this together and you have a MEGA Trailhead update with 5 new badges to earn and several hours of guaranteed fun and learning. Don’t forget to share your new earned badges on social media using the hashtag #Trailhead to show off your Salesforce skills!

Have fun everyone and happy learning!

Oh, and should you get stuck on one of the challenges and you need help, just contact me using the social media icons on top of the site. I am happy to help you forward!