Dreamforce 2015: The App Cloud

In this Dreamforce 2015 blog series I will highlight some of the amazing content for developers from Dreamforce. First up is the new Salesforce App cloud. Salesforce has rebranded all of their development platforms into a new Cloud: The App Cloud. The App cloud is the natural evolution of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce pulled together all […]

Trailhead gamification image

MEGA Trailhead update

In my previous blog post I mentioned that Trailhead will receive regular updates to modules and that new modules will be added in the future. Well, the future is today! (actually a few weeks ago, on the 29th of July to be exact) Trailhead is updated with 7 new modules, and now contains a total of […]

Trailhead trails

Salesforce Trailhead: the fun and exiting way to learn about Salesforce

Trailhead is a new way of learning about Salesforce. You don’t have to attend courses or read hundreds of pages of documentation. Trailhead uses gamification to encourage anyone to learn about Salesforce. And it works too, it’s fun to do! In each of the modules you will learn something new about Salesforce. For every completed module you will get […]