Dreamforce 2015: The App Cloud

In this Dreamforce 2015 blog series I will highlight some of the amazing content for developers from Dreamforce. First up is the new Salesforce App cloud.


Salesforce has rebranded all of their development platforms into a new Cloud: The App Cloud. The App cloud is the natural evolution of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce pulled together all their efforts in their portfolio and has unified them in the App cloud. This is more in line with the names of Salesforces’ other products like the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

The App Cloud consists of the following components:

  • Force.com
    • Force.com delivers out-of-the-box tools and services to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, deliver mobile experiences and more.
  • Heroku
    • Heroku lets you deploy, run and manage applications written in open languages and frameworks such as Ruby, Node.js, Java, Python, Clojure, Scala, Go and PHP.
  • Lightning
    • The new Lightning Experience combines the new Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components to enable anyone to quickly and easily create modern enterprise apps.
  • Trailhead
    • Trailhead is an interactive learning path through the basic building blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform.
  • AppExchange
    • The AppExchange is a proven ecosystem of apps to help Salesforce users find the best match for their business.
  • Salesforce Identity
    • Salesforce Identity is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.
  • Salesforce Shield
    • Salesforce Shield offers a powerful set of tools for any customer who needs an extra level of control to meet internal or regulatory compliance requirements.
  • NEW – Thunder
    • Salesforce Thunder is the world’s most scalable event processing engine designed to ingest and orchestrate billions of events from the connected world in real time. Thunder enables businesses to unlock insights that were previously invisible and allows anyone to take proactive, personalized actions from any device to get closer than ever to customers. Thunder will become available in one of the upcoming releases, as Thunder always comes after Lightning.

Salesforce App Cloud

Check out this video by Salesforce about the new App cloud

The Salesforce App Cloud is currently available, and all resources have been rebranded to this new Cloud.