Trailhead update part 3: Service Cloud

Welcome to the third and final part of the blog series for the August 2016 Trailhead update. In this blog I will highlight the new modules for the Service Cloud trail “Keep Customers Happy with Service Cloud“. The new content is all about Call Center integration and Knowledge. There are three new modules available in this Trail, […]

Trailhead update: Catter, Security, Identity and more

In my previous blog I highlighted the new Dreamforce 2016 trail on Trailhead. In this blog I will focus on the next set of new content in this Trailhead update: Catter New modules in “Manage the Salesforce way” Security Basics Identity for your customers Build an automated Workshop Management System   Let’s start with some good […]

Trailhead Trail Dreamforce 2016

Trailhead update: Dreamforce 2016

The August update for Trailhead is here! New trails to blaze, modules to complete, a brand new Project to build and of course badges to earn. In this blog I will highlight the new Trail for Dreamforce 2016. In upcoming blog posts, I will cover the rest of the new content on Trailhead. Get ready for […]

Astro is missing!

Astro is missing! Where’s Astro?

My daughter just loves Astro! (don’t we all?) They are practically inseperable: Astro is there when she’s doing a puzzle, riding her bike and even when she sleeps!     And while Big Astro keeps the monsters away, little Astro lies in her bed for a good night sleep.     It’s not hard to imagine […]

Navigating the Salesforce Advantage – a brand new Trailhead Trail

What is the Salesforce Advantage? And again a new Trail is introduced to Salesforce’s Trailhead. It’s called “Navigating the Salesforce Advantage”. This Trail does not focus on Salesforce functionalities from the perspective of a user role (admin/developer/end-user/manager), but this Trail is all about the company Salesforce and the benefits of cloud computing. Therefore, this Trail […]

New Trailhead content: 4 Modules and 1 Project

As of today, there is new Trailhead content available. So for those of you that already finished all the Trails, Modules and Projects: You have something to do during the holidays. 🙂 In this blog I will outline all new content. Developer Intermediate Trail   Apex Integration Services Module This module focusses on integration with […]

New Trailhead content: Lightning Experience

Trailhead update The Trailhead team from Salesforce has been very busy over the last months. Trailhead is again updated with new modules and trails. This time the new Lightning Experience has been added. Also, this is the first time that content is added for end users. To quote Salesforce: It’s not just for developers and admins anymore. […]

Trailhead gamification image

MEGA Trailhead update

In my previous blog post I mentioned that Trailhead will receive regular updates to modules and that new modules will be added in the future. Well, the future is today! (actually a few weeks ago, on the 29th of July to be exact) Trailhead is updated with 7 new modules, and now contains a total of […]

Trailhead trails

Salesforce Trailhead: the fun and exiting way to learn about Salesforce

Trailhead is a new way of learning about Salesforce. You don’t have to attend courses or read hundreds of pages of documentation. Trailhead uses gamification to encourage anyone to learn about Salesforce. And it works too, it’s fun to do! In each of the modules you will learn something new about Salesforce. For every completed module you will get […]